Who are we? As my press partner puts it, we're a couple of old friends having the time of our lives doing the thing we love the most, making art on an iron monster.

Welcome to Kismet Letterpress, a small design studio and letterpress shop located in Salem, Connecticut.



....and its sort of fun. After having worked as a graphic designer in the super busy entertainment industry for 11 years Dyan along with her department got downsized. Yup, let go. So she decided to hit the books and get her Masters in graphic design. Anyway, one day on her way home from Providence RI, she drove by a rusted out letterpress sitting on the side of the road. It took a minute to register, but she put on the brakes, turned around and walked into an antique barn. She asked the owner if he had any presses that weren't in ruins. He answered, I do in the back. So the two crawled through piles of stuff and at the very back were two presses. And even though she had never even seen a letterpress run and was broke to boot all she could say was how soon can you deliver it? It was KISMET which basically means fate or destiny.

It didn't take long to get Aaron on board. He and Dyan go back a long way as designers and good friends working together in the same busy entertainment industry. Long story short, the two started their venture and haven't looked back. The days are long, but the rhythm of the press is like music to their ears. They can't imagine a better way to live, make art, get ink all over fingers, meet new people and share a glass of wine on an antique iron press.

So if you're looking for some friendly fun designers and printers to create letterpress for your special event, wedding, or business you have come to the right place, Kismet Letterpress.

We're open for business!



MONDAY - FRIDAY by appointment

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